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About Wax Working

Posted by Richard Newcombe on

So my friend asked me what it meant to work in wax.  So I explained to her it is a method in jewelry making where an item is created first in wax. The artist/jeweler can carve an item in a special wax or can make a mold of an already existing item to duplicate. After the mold is made hot liquid wax is poured in to create the item in the wax to work on. In a previous post I was working on an item in which a mold was made of an existing item.  I want to duplicate that item in Sterling Silver. The above photo shows pieces I'm working on in wax. All of these are from molds of items I want to turn into jewelry pieces.

I clean up the piece with tools and files.  Then after getting the piece in the wax as perfect as I can, the piece is then concealed in plaster and the wax is melted out. After molten metal is poured in to create the item in the desired metal. 

In a few weeks I will be doing this in my dad's shop and will post more with some photos of the process.

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