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Using castings and other thoughts!

Posted by Richard Newcombe on

Well Happy New Year to all!

I've really been into making rings lately. My dad has turned some of the waxes into Sterling Silver pieces I've been using in rings. I really like the way they have turned out.

Someone asked me recently if I make all the items on my website and yes I do! Besides some of the casted pieces my dad makes for me I do everything myself. I'm quite prolific! Many ideas! I do feel the need to make a few pieces a week or sometimes more. Of course all the items on the website have been made over a long period of time. Hence the number of items.  Sometimes I may sell one and then actually take it out of the running to make again. Someone ends up with a one of a kind! At this point being a small business the turnover is not big yet so there is time for everything. I can have many different items to sell or duplicate myself because I have the time. Later I may need to streamline how much is available or just do many one of a kind. I'll have to iron that out as I go on.  I like to do everything myself.  I can control the finished outcome. I want high quality handmade items.  

Like life a small business is a work in progress!

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