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About Me

Contact Details: Please contact me with any questions, suggestions or special orders at

Beginnings: Jewelry was always my first love in designing. My father became a jeweler when I was young and the whole process of jewelry making always fascinated me. The different items which could be created in different ways, from just stringing beads together to making chains by hand. I love the lost wax method to create a one of a kind item from carving it in wax first then casting it in metal.

I at one point designed a line of sterling silver pieces soon after graduation from Rutgers University.  At that time the call of travel was stronger and I spent many years traveling and living in interesting places like Greece and Egypt. A few years ago, after moving to Las Vegas for a job, a conversation with an old friend about creativity and why we were not being creative led me to hang up the phone and order $500 worth of jewelry making supplies. This was in February 2012 and Richard Newcombe Jewelry was in a sense reborn. Soon after I created a website on my own. Now I am excited for this launch of this brand new professionally done website.

The PSI Connection: I took the Basic Seminar from PSI Seminars which led to doing PLD, a 90 goal setting course. This then led to the 7 day seminar called The Life Success Course. All this was a hugh catalyst in helping me to become clear in what I really wanted to do in my life.  After working the last few years working on jewelry as a side job with a day job I finally quit the day job.  April 01, 2015 was officially the day I went full time to follow my passion and dream of working on Jewelry full time!

What I Believe: I believe in creating a quality product by hand, be it a costume piece or a special item from a precious medal.  I use genuine semi precious gemstones from around the world. These gemstones may come from all around the world, but I do believe in using quality products, if available, that are manufactured in the USA. I believe this is important for our economy and keeping jobs available. I make all of the pieces myself of sometimes with the help of my father.

Where I am located: I am based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I sometimes work out of my father's shop in Louisville, KY.

How long have I been in business: My father is a jeweler and I grew up going to my father’s shop in our house.  I learned from him to solder and size rings and fix broken necklaces all when I was young.  After graduation from high school I worked for my father for a year before leaving and attending college.  I have began again in seriousness in 2012.

Who are the people on my team: Everything is designed by me.  I do sometimes work in my father’s studio in Louisville, KY.  Some times my father helps with his great skills and knowledge. My father, Richard senior, is a master craftsman.

In Closing:   I have traveled all over and I have pursued different passions.  I have, in some ways, avoided my calling to design for a long time because I thought it seemed unimportant in the world we live in. Then I had an epiphany, it is what I love. I feel the need to create. I dream about a piece and cannot wait to make it in reality.

Looking back thorough the ages the necklaces, bracelets and earrings I see are all inspirational. They are works of art. All art is important for how it makes us feel. It is a part of our cultural heritage as humans. When I was in Egypt and saw the jewelry of King Tutankhamen it was awe-inspiring. I reached a point where I had to do want I loved. I stopped running and I stopped doing the jobs I "thought" I should do.